Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Clues

Treasure of the NOLA Madre
Clues (be sure to print"How it Works" for instructions)

1 Commemorates the Battle of Liberty Place. (lakeside date, L1-L16)
2 Nicholas Girod offered his cupola for this demitasse dictator. (Hanging sign, L1-L6)
3 Find the smallest studio/gallery on Chartres. Ask for Harriette in her doorway (mornings is the best time to catch her)
4 Site of the 'Upstairs Lounge', site of a tragic fire in 1973 (sidewalk plaque L1-L2)
5 Mr. Boston wasn't around when this happy concoction was created here (hanging sign L1-L3)
6 He wrote his first novel, "Soldier's Pay" in this house in 1925 (plaque L2-L2)
7 DePouilly designed this back of the quarter house that served as a nightclub and seltzer plant (riverside plaque L1-L7)
8 The Gem was the birthplace of one of the jewels of carnival (plaque L1-L9)
9 The number “6” played a prominent role in this former wine warehouse and furniture factory (courtyard plaque L2-L7)
10 The former Lower girls’ School is allegedly the Quarter’s most haunted house (Lakeside tiles L1-L3)
11 Shoegate (L2-L3)
12 This house survived both New Orleans fires and the original owner's name sounds like a South American country (uptown plaque L2-L5)
13 Site of Cosimo Matassa’s recording studio where he recorded Little Richard, Louis Armstrong, Fats domino and many NOLA legends. (hanging sign L1-L1)
14 Jaques the Butcher - say ‘hi’ to Dutch (L3-L1)
15 Henry Mouton, brother of one of the Quarter’s beloved fowl denizens shot a man here in 1958 (hanging commercial sign L2-L4)
16 Louisiana State Bank left its mark at this building (monogram-1st letter)
17 The “sultan’s” house alleged haunted by the murdered Sultan’s ghost (lakeside bronze plaque L1-L18)
18 Find a Lucky Dog vendor named Smitty (Usually on Bourbon. A gratuity might be in order)
19 Lee Harvey Oswald lived here when he attended Warren Easton school (no addresses in this block but find the vertical sign across the street in the middle of the block. Use the 4th of 4 letters)
20 Find Johnny U's helmet and Jack Dempsey's shoe here (commercial sign L1-L6)
21 The former Third Precinct police station (Inscription on building L2-L1)
22 The plaque on this back of the Quarter house says this is Audubon's studio. (riverside plaque L1-L3)
23 Bosque House, where the Good Friday fire which destroyed much of New Orleans, started (L3-L7)
24 This pharmacy served up love potion number nine (window sign L3-L2)
25 Famous entertainer's name in the sidewalk somewhere over the rainbow (sidewalk tile (L1-L6)
26 Site of three townhouses Gallier Sr designed (riverside plaque L2-l19)
27 NOLA's first skyscraper (monogram on ironwork, third letter)
28 Joannie on a Pony – There is a plaque that reads, “the Heart is the blossom of the lily” (use the word on the bottom of a plaque L1-L4)
29 The Golden Crescent once was the location for an Italian ice cream parlor (riverside entrance, two line tile L1-L6)

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